Eric J

Vocals, Bass, Lyrics, Producing


Eric J

Eric is a former bass player for the cause and former bass player/singer
for Cartune and Over Exposure. Eric was a normal kid until one day in sixth grade
a friend brought in the Kiss "Destroyer" album for record day.
Things changed for Eric after that. His first four albums he bought were Kiss and his
next four were The Beatles. Eric spent hours playing broom guitar to these albums.
Eric got together with some friends in highschool to form a band. They both
played guitar, so Eric bought a bass. Eric first aspired to be a fast
technical bass player. He tried to master the notes of Rushes Geddy Lee and Steve Harris
of Iron Maiden. Eventually over the years Eric became more interested in song writing.
On bass Eric became more interested into the groove and locking in with the Drums.
Now Eric gets some of his deepest satisfaction from creating songs and being tight
with his drummer.

Some of Eric's early Bass influences are Geezy Butler of Black Sabbath,
Bob Daisly of Ozzy Osbourne, Geddy Lee of Rush, and the Various Bass players of Boston.
Later Eric would get into Roger Waters, Andrew Levy of The Brand New Heavies,
Timmy C. of Rage, Doug Pinnick of Kings X, Joseph Karnes of Imperial Drag and
Kim Deal of the Pixies.

Some of Eric's early song writing influences were Rush, The Beatles, Boston,
Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath.
Later Eric would be influenced by Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Radio Head, Juliana Hatfield,
The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Kings X, Prince, Nirvana and the Foo Fighters,
Sting, and the great, late Jeff Buckley.

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