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almost Now is an alt/rock/pop guitar oriented power trio consisting of experienced musicians and song crafters. Their music spans a vast musical landscape from funk to rock and their live performances are fun and energetic. "Some of the best rock recordings I've heard have a lot of variety. It makes them more interesting", says singer and bass player Eric J . This song writing variety is apparent on the band's three CD's. almost Now's latest CD, The Wreckage, will be released on August 25th, 2006. Joining Eric, are Bryan Kelly on guitars and vocals, and Matt Behnken on drums and percussion. Eric and Bryan have been playing and honing their song writing skills together for over 15 years. Eric and Matt have performed with each other for 8. These three members started the current line up of almost Now in January of 2000. They have written over 75 songs together and the count continues to increase. "A new idea seems to pop into my head every day". Says Eric.

On stage, almost Now draws from over a decade of experience performing live. Each member has worked hard at perfecting their sound individually to enhance the whole. Often times after a show almost Now is told "I can't believe how full you sound for a 3 piece". You can catch almost Now live at many venues in the southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts area as they continue to build their following.

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